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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a condition in which nerve impulses are are sent to one site on the body, usually a limb or extremity, causing extreme pain, redness, swelling and changes in hair/nail growth and temperature of the affected site. Symptoms usually start near an injury and can spread throughout the affected limb and even to the opposing extremity.

CRPS is broken down into two types:

1. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) – Type I
2. Causalgia – Type II

While CRPS is not well understood, RSD generally develops after a minor injury or bone fracture. Causalgia stems from a more serious injury to a major peripheral nerve. Both have also been known to develop after surgery. According to The McLarty Firm, attorneys in Dallas whose Mary Alice McLarty has handled lawsuits involving CRPS, patients often can’t remember the accident or event that spawned this debilitating condition.

CRPS cannot be diagnosed with one specific test. Instead, tests can be done to rule out other diagnoses. Diagnosis of CRPS is made by observation and can be especially hard early in the onset of the condition since specific symptoms may be mild or not readily obvious.

CRPS has no cure, so once the condition has been pinpointed, doctors use a variety of treatments and management tools to attempt to reduce the pain. Among the common treatments are physical and occupational therapy and treatment with a variety of drugs ranging from topical analgesics to prescription anti-depressants.

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  1. Gravatar for Kirk P. Clark

    My name is kirk Clark Sr. I am a retired police officer gfrom Jacksonville, Florida. I was shot nine times in the line of duty in 1990 and my partner was killed. I was shot twice in my right femur, once in my left femur, once in my left elbow which blew away my radial head. I was shot through fingers on my left hand, once in my left tibia, and across my right hand. The impact of these bullets shattered my bones causing them to heal in a deformed manner. I feel like I am standi ng in a pit of hot coals and they are slow cooking me from my feet up. I need help my city is self insured up to a certain point then an excess carrier has taken over. I do not have an attorney to defend me. My pain is sometimes unbearable I have no one to turn too. I need an advocate that will fight for me tooth and nail. My fingernails are very thin on some fingers and other fingers are lined with lines grooved in them and they are thick. I recent had two lead bullets removed from my left leg after seventeen years.The doctor that was treating me at the time is no longer practicing medicine. He wrote a prescription to have the bullets removed and sent to pathology for analisis to test the lead content. The general surgeon removed the bullets that was solidly incased in my flesh for seveteen years and dropped them into a speciment cup, the nurse that was asssiting asked the doctor if he was going ti send the contaminated flesh to pathology and he said no twice. He stuffed the flesh back in the surgical inscision, this was April 17 th 2008. In the latter part of October, November,and December of last year I thought I was dying and my comp carrier refused to treat me I went through my primary insurance carrier and they ran test after test and found many thing to be abnomalespecialy the elevated lrvels of lead in my blood that was causing multiple neurological problems. I recently had another blood test that revealed that bI still have elevated levels of lead in my blood.This is clearly a job related exsposrue to lead and possible medical malpractice. Can you please help by offering some suggestion for treatment for CRPS and the removal of as many bullets fragments as possible from my body. I am realy frightened by these symptoms and this condition. I no longer sleep with my life becaues my legs and back is so painful I a restless sleeper disturbing her sleep. I try to sleep in my family room because I am so afraid that something aweful will happen to me during the night, and I may have to call for rescue to assist me at least in my family there is plenty of room for a strecher and peremetics. I am scheduled to be seen tomarrow at the Jacksonville Cancer and Hemotologoy Center to discuss Celation therapy to remove the lead from my blood. Can you Help me please?


    Kirk Clark Sr.

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