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On Thursday, an Arkansas jury favored Wyeth and determined the company had provided adequate warnings about associated risks with its hormone replacement therapy drugs. The medicine was neither defective nor the cause of a woman’s breast cancer.

After a day and a half of deliberations, Wyeth received a full victory when the jury also found they were not negligent in its promotion of the drugs Prempro and Premarin. The plaintiff should have known and understood the break cancer risk associated with the drugs.

Rush had alleged that 10 years of using Prempro and Premarin caused her breast cancer, which was diagnosed in 1999 and led to subsequent surgical removal of some breast tissue.

Wyeth over the course of the trial said it exhaustively explained the elevated health risk from the use of its drugs to doctors and patients.

“We believe there was a massive fraud case against Wyeth that we could not put on in the confines of this case that will be presented to a jury in other cases,” Rush’s lawyer Les Weisbrod said after the verdict was announced in U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Arkansas.

Wyeth is currently facing over 5,000 lawsuits regarding hormone replacement drugs which have been used by millions of women to control the effects of menopause and they remain on the market.

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