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Update on Trucking Accident That Killed 10 in Oklahoma

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A prosecutor in Miami, Oklahoma, filed negligent homicide charges against Donald Creed, the driver of the 18 wheeler that slammed into a line of stopped cars, killing 10 people, four of whom were from North Texas. The June 26 wreck was blamed on Creed’s inattention. Unfortunately, the crash killed Shelby Hayes, her husband Randall Hayes, their son Ethan Hayes, all of Frisco, Texas, and Shelby’s mother Cynthia Olson.

According to the Associated Press:

The traffic accident happened in clear weather, on a dry road. The ten victims were all in cars that had stopped on the Turnpike. Traffic was backed up because of another accident.

That’s when authorities say Creed’s Truck plowed into, and ended up on top of, several vehicles. Investigators say Creed never slowed down.

"There is no indication whatsoever by physical evidence of eyewitnesses that he took any evasive action. Try to slow down, hit the brakes on his truck at all. He basically plowed everyone at 70 miles an hour," said Eddie Wyant, Ottawa County DA.