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Angel L. Reyes, III
Angel L. Reyes, III
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HOV Lane Dangers in the Spotlight

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Recently, Rosemary Miramontes, from Carrollton, Texas, testified about a tragic accident involving her son in a HOV lane.

Ms. Miramontes told a panel of Texas senators that her 25 year old son, Franco Miramontes, was run off the HOV lane because the lanes don’t have separation other than white lines. As a result, drivers routinely cross the white lines to enter the HOV lanes.

In 2007, Mr. Miramontes was an unfortunate victim of a driver who crossed the white lines, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle. As a result of the accident, he is now a quadriplegic.

Interestingly, when TxDOT commissioned a study in 2003 to look at crash rates before and after the HOV lanes were installed, the results were stark. After installation of the HOV lanes, crash rates went way up. So, beware driving the HOV lanes on Central Expressway in Dallas, Texas.