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Angel L. Reyes, III

Eleven Injured In Boat Accident North Of Dallas

Two boats crashed near the Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge, thirty-five miles north of Dallas on Sunday, sending eleven people to the hospital – including eight children.

The accident, which…

Angel L. Reyes, III

Cleburne Texas Gas Line Explosion Raises More Questions

Texas Railroad Commissioner, Michael Williams, is quoted saying C&H Power Line Construction, the electrical contractor that cut the underground line Monday causing a fatal explosion in Cleburne,…

Angel L. Reyes, III

Cato Institute Comes Out in Favor Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

For those readers who are not familiar with the Cato Institute, here is its mission statement: "The mission of the Cato Institute is to increase the understanding of public policies based…

Jenny Albano

Expanded Log Splitter Recall Due to Risk of Serious Injury

The CPSC, in cooperation with Brave Products Inc., is voluntarily recalling about 8,000 log splitters. In February an additional 4,000 log splitters were recalled.The log splitter’s hydraulic cylinders can have defective rod retention, causing the seals to leak and the rods to detach. This can result in serious injury to the operator, as the rod can rapidly and unexpectedly extend the splitting…

Jenny Albano

Pesticide from Bananas Made Workers Sterile

More than 5,000 agricultural workers from Latin American countries are claiming that a pesticide, DBCP, designed to kill worms infesting the roots of banana trees, caused them to become sterile after extended exposure. There have been five lawsuits filed in the U.S. against growing and manufacturing companies.Jury selection for the first lawsuit begins on July 10th in Los Angeles County…

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